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Finishing the Ocean

Design Factory International Hamburg – Informationsdesign

Create a unique look and design to explain an important and complex topic.

The ocean’s ability to produce fish is of vital importance to an estimated 200 million people worldwide.

But since the modern fishing industry has been dominated by fishing vessels that far out-match nature‘s ability to recover, the fish stocks shrink dramatically.

The fishing industry, governments, environmental scientists as well as consumers must all combine their efforts to learn how to stop destructive fishing and restore depleted fish stocks. Properly managed, our oceans can indefinitely continue to produce an abundant supply of fish.

Design Factory Projekt. Reworked 2016.


Meine Rolle:

• Recherche

• Filmkonzept und Text

• Kreation der Filmgrafiken

• Animation in After Effects

Entstanden mit:

• Photoshop

• After Effects

December 15, 2015
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August 12, 2016
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