Things they should have told me before

Buckinghamshire New University – Teil des Bachelor Projekts

A book about the things they should have told me before living in Great Britain.

Congratulations, you have made it! You are actually here. In the land of kings and queens, pop music idols, the birthplace of the industrial revolution, fish and chips, parliament and punk.

It might be that you are a little bit disoriented and confused at the beginning because everything is so different.

I can tell you that it will take a while to get used to driving on the left side, be ruled by a Queen, put lots of xxxxx’s at the end of every text message, pouring gravy or custard over everything, say cheers everywhere and to everything and eat chips with vinegar. But apart from the weather, the food, the accommodation, the countryside, the people and the language you can have a really great time here!

To support you having a great time here, this book will show you some curiosities and useful tips. Some of which will be hard to understand, for example, why you can’t just tell the waiter when your soup is cold and why all the British girls don’t get a bad cold when they walk around in the middle of cold winter in their mini skirts. I’ve asked several, but still have no definitive answer to these questions, so I guess we visitors just have to accept it and make the most out of our time in Great Britain.

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Mai 10, 2016
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