Upcycling Magazine

University of Portsmouth – Master Project

You can end up with some rather beautiful and unique items.

Reusing an unwanted item to create a new product that‘s useful and typically, even better than the original, whether in value or appeal. For instance, turning an old jumper into a stylish cushion or ring pulls from drinks cans into jewellery. Why to do it? If you create something you would have otherwise bought, you‘re saving money – and you can end up with some rather beautiful and unique items. Unlike recycling, the material isn‘t broken down in order to reuse it, so it usually requires no energy to produce it (other than your own). ‘There‘s also lots of satisfaction to be gained from turning your trash into treasure,’ says popular money-saving blogger Miss Thrifty. ‘You might like to think of upcycling as a personal, creative challenge.’

Almost every item you can think of, from wine bottles to jeans, can be upcycled. You can be as creative as you like – you don‘t have to be a skilled craftperson to do it, and it can involve a lot or a little of your time (cutting wornout jeans into shorts is a great easy make). For loads of inspiration on what you can upcycle this magazine will pick one item every month and show how it can be reused and upcycled.

My role:

• Research and Text

• Layout

• Graphics and photography

Entstanden mit:

• Photoshop

• Illustrator

• Indesign

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